The proposed redevelopment of the McCormick property has been formulated with the assistance of the City of London through the Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment process, and will be further refined via a public site plan and additional studies. As part of this plan, the heritage-designated portion of the McCormick building will be rehabilitated to contain mixed uses, including residential, office, and/or commercial uses. The non-designated additions to the building will be demolished.

Roof view into building
A look from the roof down into the building.

The rear of the site is proposed to contain a senior citizen housing development that includes townhomes, apartment buildings, and a retirement home. Gleeson Street will be extended from Ashland Avenue to McCormick Boulevard, and single detached dwellings will be located at the extreme north end of the site. With the exception of the Gleeson Street extension, the site will be accessed by private roads. A public park is to be located at the south-east intersection of Gleeson Street and McCormick Boulevard.

Outside look at the east end of the building
Outside look at the east end of the building.

Due to the site’s former industrial use, the property and factory are highly contaminated and will require extensive remediation. Approval authorities will have many opportunities to oversee the continued development of the project, as redevelopment will require a Record of Site Condition, a Heritage Alteration Permit, a public Site Plan review, a Zoning By-law amendment to remove Holding provisions related to the submission of various reports and studies (including a Traffic Impact Study), and building permits. In addition, the site is subject to Urban Design Guidelines that will ensure the redevelopment achieves a high design standard.

Interior look at the building's condition
Interior look at the building’s condition.

See below for development maps, architectural renderings, as well as the zoning by-law amendment and the Official Plan amendment.

Development Maps & Architectural Renderings

Zoning By-Law & Official Plan Amendments

McCormick Site Plan